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What is ComfiCommunity?

The ComfiCommunity is a place for visual artists to build community, develop their brand, and gain valuable knowledge. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to nurture their passion. Visual artists of all kinds are welcome to join.

What Will I Find?

We offer two membership plans. Choose what makes you comfortable.

Neighbors get access to exclusive content, virtual networking sessions, Q&As, downloadable resources, and early access to ComfiArt events.

Roommates get access to all of the Neighbors’ perks, plus online classes, quarterly group coaching with our founder, Dionna Collins, 15% off ComfiArt products, and so much more. 

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We’re Building a Community That Helps Artists Thrive

ComfiArt is the brainchild of Dionna Collins, a creative entrepreneur who’s dedicated to helping artists establish their voice and earn a living. She first fell in love with art as a child, which led her to a career in graphic design and marketing. Despite building an impressive resume, she eventually grew disillusioned with the grind, politics, and monotony of the 9-5 life. She decided to channel her love for art as well as her knowledge of e-commerce and marketing into something new. She began ComfiArt as a way to bring together artists, consumers, and the broader community.

It started with e-commerce. Artists could earn a commission by featuring their work on home decor items. Now, ComfiArt is a unique community that offers opportunities for them to promote their brand, sell their work, and connect with peers. By providing a place for artists to network and earn income from their art, Dionna has reached more than 2,000 artists. In 2020, ComfiArt partnered with Power Haus Creative, creating multiple murals around the city of Atlanta. This is the first of many collaborations that will expand the realm of opportunities ComfiArt provides. 

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Wondering If the ComfiCommunity Is Right for You?

If you answer “yes” to any of the following, then you’ll fit right in:

  • Are you a visual artist? Full-time, or part-time – it doesn’t matter!

  • Do you feel like most art communities don’t welcome visual artists of all disciplines?

  • Do you want to learn more about developing your brand, building your business, digital marketing, etc.?

  • Did you always want to learn about more than your primary discipline?

  • Are you looking for an affordable membership?

  • Do you want more exposure for your art?

  • Do you have trouble reaching new audiences?

  • Do you struggle to find time to work on your art interrupted? 

  • Have you been looking for a community for artists, but haven’t found the right one to invest your time and money in?

Member Benefits

As a member of the ComfiCommunity, you get access to:

  • A private community web platform and mobile app that's fun to use and customizable to your interests (this is not another Facebook group!)
  • Member calls every month to connect with each other, get your questions answered, and learn new information and skills + occasional in-person meetups
  • The opportunity to attend live interviews with guests 
  • A growing library of resources
  • Member discounts on 1:1 coaching with ComfiArt founder Dionna Collins and more
  • A supportive and friendly global network of nomads, aspiring nomads, and location-independent folks of all types

"Having a community like the one The ComfiCommunity has created is invaluable because they care about you and they care about your success. If you don't have a community, you can't benefit from years, literally hundreds of years of experience."


Hey there!

I'm Dionna Collins the founder of ComfiArt since 2016. We've created this platform as an antidote to business as usual – where learning is fun and true friends are made, not just business contacts.

With more than 20 years of experience working in digital marketing and graphic design and helping companies build their brands, we've curated some powerful resources and a thriving community of purpose-driven artpreneurs that think as you do. These are crazy times and we're working hard to ensure you get the help you need, just when you need it.

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What Members Say about the ComfiCommunity

"Design and Muse was a great experienc for me! I was able to see the outcome of my designs on everyday products and work with a range of up and coming artists surrounding Atlanta area!!!"

— Tiffany

"Creating for ComfiArt Design and Muse allowed me to transform my visual art into wearable art. I feel connected to the lovers who've supported me. I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity."


"Having a platform like ComfiArt is a support system of it's own."

— Marryam

It's time you had a community where you truly feel at home, no matter where you go.

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